Garrison N.Y. is a small hamlet in Putnam County, part of the town of Philipstown.
If You're Thinking of Living In/Garrison, N.Y.; Creative People, at Home on Dirt Roads
The Country, However You Define It
Garrison has a shoreline along the Hudson River directly across from West Point military academy and has views up and down the river
that look like Old Hudson School paintings.

Looking across the Hudson River to West Point

Visitors can arrive in Garrison via the Metro-North Railroad, which has a station alongside the Garrison Arts Center at historic Garrison’s Landing.

Among the historical sites and places in Garrison is Boscobel, the restored 19th century mansion and museum, Graymoor, a Franciscan community & monastery, The Russel Wright Design Center and Constitution Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary which includes 100's of beautiful acres of wildlife.

The gateway to Garrison for those entering from Rockland County to the East is Bear Mountain Bridge, a fantastic suspension bridge
built in 1924. The bridge has pedestrian walkways on both sides and continues the Appalachian Trail.

Garrison offers hikers a number of trails, state park lands, wetlands and wildlife long with an old world sense of character and time, with all of its stone walls and unpaved roadways.

Published: August 10, 2003

IN the Hudson Highlands community of Garrison, quality of life is not defined by a lavish buffet of services and amenities. On the contrary, the culture here thrives on a shared antipathy toward conveniences that might mar the long-revered landscape.

Asphalt, for instance, is noticeably absent on many of the roads that snake through Garrison's thick woodlands. The 200-odd members of Garrison's Old Roads Society consider dirt roads ''more harmonious with the stone walls and trees,'' said Noel Kropf, a software developer who is currently the group's president. The society's most prized stretch of dirt is a six-mile length of Old Albany Post Road, once the main stagecoach route between New York City and the state capital.

The desire to preserve and protect is strong in Garrison, where the spectacular river views so often captured on the canvases of 19th-century landscape painters continue to inspire. A hamlet of Philipstown, Garrison nurtures a variety of cultural, spiritual and physical pursuits on and around hundreds of acres of protected land.

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ASPHALT-FREE Dirt roads like this stretch of the Old Albany Post Road cause some contention. Garrison's 10 unpaved miles scream “country”; on the other hand they require lots of maintenance, especially after heavy rains.

Published: April 9, 2010

ROBERT A. MCCAFFREY, who has lived all of his 67 years in Garrison, across the Hudson River from the United States Military Academy at West Point, can recount stories of buyers who moved in, lured by the astonishing beauty of the area, and then within a year sold their homes and left for someplace closer to supermarkets and other suburban amenities.

“This is really the country,” said Mr. McCaffrey, a real estate agent in the neighboring village of Cold Spring, “and you have to be prepared for that.”

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